Gwalia Healthcare manufactures the KidLok® range of Push & Turn Child Resistant Closures (CRC) ranging in size from 20mm through to 45mm.

The KidLok® Closure consists of a two-piece Injection Moulded Component design with the inner component manufactured in Polypropylene (PP) and the outer component manufactured in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material.

The range of KidLok® closures portray a tactile symbol on the top surface to explain its method of removal in all market areas.

The range of KidLok® CRCs are designed and manufactured for a multitude product uses, including industries such as automotive, healthcare, household and pharmaceutical type markets where safety is paramount.

Gwalia’s range of CRCs can be manufactured in a range of colours with a liner to suit individual requirements & application purposes.

Push and Turn Child Resistant Closure Sizes Available:

  • 20mm R3
  • 22mm R3
  • 24mm R3
  • 28mm R3
  • 33mm R3
  • 38mm R3
  • 45mm R3

Push and Turn Child Resistant PET Pack Sizes Available:

Round PET 38mm Neck

  • 150cc

Round PET 45mm Neck

  • 200cc
  • 250cc
  • 275cc
  • 400cc
  • 500cc

All these complete packs are certified to BS EN 8317:2015