Gwalia’s manufacturing philosophy has a huge environmental benefit, the company’s ability to contract pack reduces the need for empty bulk packaging to be transported around the country. The company are able to position themselves as a complete ‘one-stop-shop’ within their sector, working with vitamin manufacturers and brand owners with the aim of taking complete control of the supply chain.

​As a strong advocate of local sourcing, we have been investigating sourcing bought in components from other local businesses in the hope of developing strong, sustainable ongoing supply chains. The manufacture of finished goods would allow the company to source labels, corrugate and pallets from within Wales enabling them to offer a ‘granule to distribution’ service.

New Moulding Machinery

Recent investment in new moulding capacity has seen the arrival of new machinery, all of which is electric rather than hydraulic, making them much more efficient and subsequently having a radical reduction in our energy consumption.

Integration of Recycled Material

The integration of recycled polymer is the next step in Gwalia’s quest to becoming a more sustainable manufacturing facility. We have been working alongside British waste management companies on the supply of commercially available food-grade rHDPE. Recent production trials have seen us test a number of different compositions in both the injection blow moulding and extrusion blow moulding departments.

Local Collaborations & Secure Supply Chains

At Gwalia Healthcare, we are always looking to build strong, sustainable local supply chains wherever possible with the aim of sourcing the majority of the components required in the manufacturing process from within Wales. Whether that be labels from Llantrisant, cardboard boxes from Wrexham or pallets from Tredegar, the company is continuously reviewing supply chains to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Addition of Solar Panels to Treforest

In October 2023, we are installing a 620kw solar panel system to all roof space at our Treforest facility. This installation will provide more than enough electrical power for us to run the whole facility ‘off-grid’ during daylight hours on sunny days.